New Selling gallery

Am trying out a new online gallery to sell some special paintings.  Please go and take a peek.


LARGE painting,waterfalls and hyacinth macaws

Large 24×36 painting of a wonderful jungle scene with waterfalls in the background and brilliant hyacinth macaws in the foreground on stretched canvas on heavy stretcher bars


3/10/16 Gorgeous Red Utah Mountains

12/6/15 Barn Owl Painting

16×20 stretched canvas of a magnificent barn owl


10/1/15 Fall Sale

7/23/15 16×20 Painting of the Overlook at Fairchild Tropical Gardens

A famous scene is the Overlook at Miami’s Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami.







Here’s the latest painting of a beautiful, peaceful seascape taken from a friend’s Bermuda vacation.   Have also listed a lot of paintings at reduced prices… take a look while you’re there.