6/14/17 Flower Watcher Painting


The legend of the watcher. Watchers are cute, elusive little creatures who’s job is to care for and watch over their owners. They take their jobs quite seriously and usually will pick where they want to be hung. i had one client that wrote and told me that after 4 locations it finally found a place it liked which was where it could see the bedroom door and the front door at the same time. Watcher paintings are full of wonderful positive energy to bless your home.

Fantasy “watcher” painting


6×6 stretched canvas

a “watcher” painting… lots of little watchers keeping the home free of bad gremlins and bringing a sense of peace and well being.


Original “Watcher” Painting

I used to do full size “Watcher” paintings which were colorful landscape with little “watchers” in them. The watchers were meant to be protective and full of positive energy. People who bought the full size paintings reported they could feel the energy and the paintings actually had personalities of their own and would tell the owners where they wanted to be hung. I haven’t done any in awhile and then I thought I would make some “portable” mini paintings. This is the first called “Moon Watchers”. It’s on a 6×6 stretched canvas that wide enough to stand on it’s own so it can stand on a table or be hung if desired. Now people can take their watchers wherever they want, home, office, anywhere.