5/3/17 Four Barn Owl Panel





4/17/17 Hyacinth Macaws Pair


12×12 stretched canvas


4/16/17 Scarlet Macaw Painting

4/4/17 Great Horned owl Painting

1/4/16 Colorful Macaw painting

Memoriam for a featherchild

I was prepared to bring Tassiter home today.  The vet said she survived the surgery and was doing well.  I had her room and house  all ready and couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms again.  Early this morning the phone rang to tell me she didn’t make it thru the night.  Felt like a ton of bricks was dropped on me.  I talked to the vet later and he said he thought it was the shock and the pain of the injury was just too much for her.  The thought of my precious baby being alone and in that much pain was almost too much to bear.

I got her over 30 years ago. I didn’t know much about birds then but this feathered bunch of fury was something else.  Cockatoos can be very dangerous birds.  Their lower beak has 2 sharp points so not only do you get the pressure bite you get badly cut at the same time.  I had her to 3 professional trainers and they told me she wasn’t trainable; the best thing to do was set her up as a breeder.  Not acceptable to me. I got the heaviest gloves I could find and grabbed her and hung on for dear life.. petting and soothing and talking softly to her until she finally got the idea she was loved and she relaxed in my arms.  I had bruises on both hands but I won.  SHe never bit again and turned out to be a glutton for being held and cuddled.

Cockatoos are one of the smartest, most mischieveous birds in the world. No cage could keep her in unless it was padlocked and then she opened some of them by bashing them against the cage and getting out and letter her macaw sister out to play with her.  I never had to teach her a trick… she taught herself…. she sang and danced, played catch, retrieved, did dead bird and if you scolded her she would come over and put her beak on your nose and whisper in a tiny high pitched child voice, “but I love you” which ended the scold right away.  SHe love to tease the cats… would call ” here kitty kitty” and then when they came over would bite their ears or tail or run after them.  “Toos” are not known for being the quietest of birds and she could let out screams that could be heard on the next street and then again she could the softest child like voice when she was whispering secrets in  your ear.  She was a very picky eater at time and liked to feed herself.  Given some yogurt on a spoon she insisted on holding the spoon herself and then when a human got close enough fling it at them.

It’s awfully quiet around here now.  Disco the macaw has been looking for her, calling out, “hello hello”. I have been honored to have her for all this time and my heart is broken from the senseless accident that took her life.

Fly free my beautiful child… you were and are so loved.













Desperately need to raise money to pay a vet bill for a badly injured cockatoo. Please help if you can.