4/7/17 Red Hat NudePainting


11×14 stretched canvas of a nude painted like a stained glass picture



Classwork from a student in the Abstract Art Class


This session brought another round of great students at http://lvsonline.com in the abstract art class. I always like to showcase examples of the work in the class when I think it is very good. This one is by Fred Mays.

Abstract Painting of Guitarist by student

Another example of classwork by Noreen Channels in the  abstract art class.  The lesson was to reduce something to it’s simplest form to make an abstract painting.  This painting came out so nicely I wanted to share it.


Guitarist by Noreen Channels


Hillary Sadur created another gorgeous piece for the abstract art class.



Another Abstract Student Picture

This is another gorgeous picture of classwork by Hillary Sadur from the Abstract Art class .  I could just see this hanging on a large living room wall or in some executive office.


Abstract Orchid

Abstract Orchid

Students work in Abstract Class

This is one of the students( Paul Colombo) class assignments in week 2 of the Abstract Art Class at Lvsonline .  I wanted to share  because I thought it was exceptional.