1/6/17 RIP Lindsey

Lindsey left us this morning and made the final journey home to lay beside Tassiter near my bedroom window.  They say she had feline leukemia and after many days of being in the hospital she didn’t respond to any treatment.

16 years ago she came to me as a kitten. A friend of mine found a Mom and 3 babies in her yard.  Mom for some reason didn’t want Lindsey so she came here.  Shame cause Lindsey was a twin, so much of a twin that when they were taken to be spayed they were mixed up and we got each others cats. Couldn’t figure why our cats were acting so weird when they came home. Lindsey outlived her Mom and her sisters by about a year. I hope she can find her family on the other side and stick her tongue out at them for not wanting her and tell them she had a good life and was very happy here.

Hard to figure where 16 years went.. but Lindsey my love I am glad you were here with us… hope you find a big field of catnip to run and play in and you feel my arms around you with love.

RIP sweet girl….. Mommy loves you.







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