5/1/15 Trina’s surgery and donation request

Trina, the oldest dog, who is 15 had to have surgery on her ear that had developed a huge hematoma.  The vet first tried a non surgical approach that didn’t work so there was nothing left to do but do the surgery.  I was worried about doing any kind of surgery at her age but she seems to have come thru pretty good.I know the ear is bothering her.  Am praying it heals without any complications.

I have a request for donations  site open asking for help with the food and medical bills.  Trina’s surgery alone was over $400 and that’s not including the follow ups.  The every day costs of feeding, plus the necessary meds such as heartworm pills, flea and tick preventative etc. can mount up really fast.  All the “kids” here that are part of the family  were rescues, taken from abuse, thrown out of car windows, starved, ill and none would be alive if they hadn’t come my way.  Some of course were rehomed into good loving forever homes but the ones that stay with me are costly.  Even a couple of dollars will help buy a few cans of food and would be a tremendous help.  Thanking you in advance.





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