3/13/14 Feeding time at the zoo

Hello World…..

Greetings from the crazy zoo.  It’s 72 degrees, sun’s out  bright and shiny.

Since last we spoke there have been a few changes.  Some new rescue cats are temporarily  in one of the bedrooms awaiting transport to forever homes. One of those in there has an old injury of a broken leg that will require some medical decisions shortly.  Two snowshoe sisters found a great forever home together.  That’s what it’s all about…..rescuing, spay/neuter and try and find them loving, caring forever homes which unfortunately is easier said than done.

Feeding time at the zoo has gotten longer with the addition of the new visitors.  They get special food because they came from conditions where they need to have all the nutritious food they can get and the little girl with the leg problem gets her massage therapy too.   First comes feeding the house cats.  I mean you can’t NOT feed cats first….just can’t be done if you want to stay alive that is.  Well actually that’s not true.  The oldest dog, Trina gets a slurp of catfood with her incontinence meds in it.  Then comes the cats who are swarming the counter all trying to get the dish to themselves.  This is a hurried process because everyone is trying to get to the dishes first and now you have Trina and Michael who are waiting for any crumb that might fall their way.  Of course then you have the cats that will not eat with other cats so they have to be fed separately.  Keeping a watchful eye on the dishes I am cutting up the fruits and veggies for the birds.  Dare I leave the kitchen Trina will stand up and try and grab and cat dish she can reach and Michael is perfectly capable of jumping up on the counter.  I gather up enough of the food to remember to put a dish out the front door for Summer who lives out in the front yard.  Then it’s feed the birds their fruit and veggies which the cockatoo  usually throws back at me.  We have this game of catch with the food.. she throwing it at me and me giving it back to her.

Then while I’m catting…. go for the new inside cats.  Off down the hallway I go with fresh water, a container of dry food and a can of wet food.  There are two wonderful brothers  who are busy patting my head and head bumping me while I’m trying to feed them and clean their litter box… same with Ice, the gorgeous white boy with big blue eyes.  Olivia has the messiest place and I have to feed and clean and change her towel.

Off  now to feed the feral cats that come every day.  The yard is sectioned off so everyone has a safe space.   The ferals are sectioned off in the back with a fence but every morning Michael is determined to catch one.  He goes outside and tries to sit under a bush so they dont’ see him and waits.  There’s a little roof of a plant enclosure that they all sit on waiting for me and looking for Michael.  I have to try and get him inside which is also a little game… I scream a few times and he will walk to the back door then bolt around a short wall back to the side fence which makes me walk back to try and get him again.  The second time usually works.  They seems to know when he’s inside and they all jump down to walk me back to the gate.  Well this morning…. one of the young boys, Travi fell off the roof, right on top of one of my boys, Tigger.  Tigger of course saw this as an attack and went into cat fight mode.  Michael was still outside and there I was with hands of cat food.  How to keep the cats quiet enough not to make Michael come to investigate AND get Travi up out of Michaels way… all without getting killed.  Finally Travi takes off, around the corner and see Michael.  Luckily Mike’s attention was still on the fence so he didn’t see him.  Travi went behind the bushes till he got to the plant enclosure and made a leap.  Mike was like, “now where did he come from” and went into chase mode…. Mommy was into chase mode trying to get to Travi before Mike got his tail.  Luckily he made it.  So then had to put Mike in and proceed to feed the ferals who were there with mouths open wide.   

WHEW…. ok.. last leg of feeding… the rescue cats out in the front yard in their own enclosure.  I take a big dish of wet catfood which is more like a bribe for them to actually let me IN to feed them and a little can of fancy feast for a newbie out there that is still getting special treatment.    I open the gate and quickly toss the big dish in which gives me a chance to get inside usually without incident.  Now to find Sassy which wasn’t where she should have been…. and of course the other cats see that I have something special in my hand and want it.  I finally find her and have to give them a little taste long enough to get the dish to her.  Now I have an empty can which I can’t put down cause I dont’ want them to cut themselves.   Walking around now feeding dry food, changing water with this empty can in my hand.  Getting out of the pen now is no easy task because everyone wants out too.  One of the cats, Swirl usually makes it past me to enjoy the day running and playing in the front yard till afternoon when he’s tired and wants back in.  This morning i was lucky and I made it past HIM.

Now I actually get to come in and eat MY breakfast.  Time to rest up cause evening feeding is a repeat performance.


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