1/19/14 HAPPY BIRFDAY TO ME ( holding up 2 toes)

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away there lived a lady that had just lost her dog Cara.  The only other dog she had was an old dog named Trina who very much missed Cara and just laid around being sad. The lady wondered about getting another dog but wasn’t sure she wanted one, but Trina looked so sad.  The lady had a friend who had a cousin who had a friend who had a Mommy dog that had just had puppies.  The Mommy was a Llasha and the Daddy was some black dog.  Llasha’s are fluffy and small.  The lady figured fluffy would be cute but she wasn’t used to small dogs and didn’t know if she wanted one.  Baby pics started coming.. well they were kinda cute…. but…….she said yes and no many times before it was time for the puppies to leave home.  She had picked out a black and white one from the photo and called him Michael.  Even come delivery day she wasn’t sure about taking in this baby.. did she want to start with another dog?  Well she could always turn it away when it came.  The man pulled up and handed her this tiny ( under 1 lb) bundle of trembling puppy.  Hands automatically reached out and arms cradled the little guy.  He lay there in her arms shaking and terrified and looked up at her with watery puppy eyes. “Hello Michael, ” she said, ” you’re home.”

Trina became a different dog.. she runs and plays and has someone to talk to now.  The poor baby was smaller than the many cats that inhabit the house and had to take a lot of swats before they accepted him.  The lady bought him little stairs so he could climb on the bed where he watched the computer with Mommy.  Mommy told him he could grow up to be anything he wanted…so he saw a pic of a huge 256 lb great dane and decided that was what he wanted to be…and also a Wonder Dog who would keep the world safe from aliens and bad things. He learned how to fly and run fast fast as the wind.   Mommy later found 4 baby kittens that she took in and told him they were his to look after which he did.  They look after him too.  One of them, Smudge says they are twins.

So today we celebrate 2 years of this precious, sometimes aggravating and annoying little creature coming into the family and enriching our lives.

Happy Birthday my beautiful baby boy!!!





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