2/20/13 My babies

“I have been eavesdropping on Mommy’s emails  and she is saying the babies are going away tomorrow night for some kind of operation.  Now I am so worried. I don’t know what an operation is but it doesn’t sound good. Mommy was going to  say that they went for a sleepover with other kittens but that didn’t sound right either.    I just came right out and told Mommy tonight that I knew there were going somewhere where they are going to remove body parts and I want to go too.  I am going to sit there watching and showing my teeth to that old Dr and tell him if he hurts my babies I’m going to attack him… and I would too… they are MY babies.”


Poor little Michael is going to be distraught when the babies go to be spayed on Fri.  Of course Mommy will worry too.  I tried all day to catch their Mom because she needs to be spayed too.  I’ve been trying to catch for for about 6 months.   She is totally claustrophobic.  If you try and get INTO anything she totally freaks out.  Will try again tomorrow before the babies are picked up and they can all go together.


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