Funny story

Just finished a peacock painting and have a funny peacock story.  I had a peacock once. A rehabber brought him when he was young.. had to amputate his leg and they said find someone to take him or they would kill him.  Well… I lived with a one legged peacock in my living room while I was dressing his leg.  I had a big greenhouse when he recovered for him to hop around in. Then I moved to this house and had a big aviary.  I carried  him here on my lap.. you should have seen the looks from cars beside us looking over and seeing a big peacock sitting in a human lap.. well he he was  young and everything was fine… peacocks cant be in residential neighborhoods so it was kind of a secret…. till he became mature…ever hear a peacock scream?   At 2 am?  I never was that close to one so I didn’t know what noise they made.  It was like a banshee… I was up like a shot and out the door.. neighbors lights all around.. coming out… what was that… I just looked and shrugged.. I dunno.  Thank goodness he only did it at certain times but always in the wee hours of course.  I perfected the fastest time from bed to aviary of any human to shut him up.  Well secret was partly out but then I was cleaning one day and he got out… did you know they fly very well? The woman in back of me was about 4 ft nothing and weighed about 90 lbs and was going out in the street.. when this huge bird drops out of the sky on top of her.  She’s screaming in Spanish.. I’m screaming… cars are stopping on the next street. people getting out of cars to watch.  Another neighbor came and grabbed the bird and  got him back in the aviary and i was trying to convince the poor woman she was hallucinating and there was really no big bird at all……so much for keeping the peacock secret after that.  I would just stare in amazement when he would display… they are absolutely gorgeous birds.  If I ever had property big enough I would get some and let them roam.


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