Students work in Abstract Class

This is one of the students( Paul Colombo) class assignments in week 2 of the Abstract Art Class at Lvsonline .  I wanted to share  because I thought it was exceptional.



7 Responses to “Students work in Abstract Class”

  1. sliloh Says:

    Oh, that is amazing! Paul is very talented 😉


  2. lvsblog Says:

    That is a really creative!. Your student has talent, but as teacher you have given him a great opportunity to explore!

  3. Power of Pingbacks or How I got naked with the Fairy Blog Mother | Blogging Classes @ LVS Online Says:

    […] is blessed with a number of art teachers. Dia, who teaches painting and abstract art, shares an example of student art from her abstract art class. Carla sells her exquisite custom clothing via her web site. You can […]

  4. Barb Hartsook @OverCoffeeBlog Says:

    Oh! It IS exceptional! Wow. The textures in the cat are incredible. I would love to know his process — at least a hint at materials and thinking behind it. Please pass along my applause… thanks.


    • artbydia Says:

      He used Photoshop. The Abstract class, unlike the acrylic painting classes at LVS is open to anything and everything that the student wants to use because it’s basically teaching a mindset, but this one was just so exceptional I just had to share it. I’m going to post another one probably tomorrow from another student that I just adore….keep watching.

  5. Pete Says:

    Oh, I *like* that work! I was drawn by the eyes in the image to see the cat likeness before I recognized the climber as more than color. Very fun image, you can even v-e-e-e-ry nearly pun with it and say it’s not a cat but a
    Very cool! I’m glad you put it up for viewing, thanks.
    cheers ,

  6. Adele - I Ching Says:

    I love this image! Very inspiring.

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