Abstract Painting Class

The newest painting class at http://lvsonline.com on abstract art is a big success.  The students are really enjoying the class and are surprising themselves at how they are experiencing a new way of not only advancing their art, but of looking at the world through different perspectives.

Consider joining us next session.  There are at present, 10 different online painting classes available.


4 Responses to “Abstract Painting Class”

  1. Val P. Says:

    Hi Dia! I’m glad that class is going so well! I’ll have to come “sit in” on your classes one of these days.

    • artbydia Says:

      “Sit” away…..course I’ll stick a brush or something in your hand..GRIN…. I think I’m really getting to these students. They are getting inspired and posting other than the homework and thinking more and actually creating out of their own heads and it’s delightful. Sometimes you actually feel like you’re accomplishing something……

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Hi Dia,
    I like the snapshots thingy you added and thanks for all the wordpress tips.
    Who couldn’t love art? I would be in all the art classes if I had time.
    Since I’ve only been a student at LVS since Jan. ’08, there is much work before I’ll get to everything I like.
    It is nice knowing that the classes will be there, because of the dedicated teachers. And, that has made my world a much more happier place.

    Your classmate,

  3. Sliloh Says:

    So many classes, so little time 😉

    Good work, you’ve already made a few posts I see!


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