7/22/17 Toucan Bird Painting

7/22/17 Thadi Young Leopard Painting

7/22/17 Young Barn Owls Painting

7/22/17 Stallion Running on Beach Painting

7/21/17Flower Watcher Painting



The legend of the watcher. Watchers are cute, elusive little creatures who’s job is to care for and watch over their owners. They take their jobs quite seriously and usually will pick where they want to be hung. i had one client that wrote and told me that after 4 locations it finally found a place it liked which was where it could see the bedroom door and the front door at the same time. Watcher paintings are full of wonderful positive energy to bless your home.

7/22/17 Baby Raccoon Painting

Desperate for emergency funding

Have just posted a gofundme listing.Am in a bad emergency crunch right now. ¬†Emergencies have taken what little extra money there was out of a very meager ¬†SS income and now there’s a plumbing emergency which has left me without bathroom facilities and with our yearly monsoon season part of the roof is leaking and the ceiling is trying to come down and there is no money for either one.

If you can spare a few dollars it sure would be appreciated.

thank you